NEWS: Bella Twins Shoot on Real-Life Heat with A.J. Lee, Conor McGregor & More (PICTURES INCLUDED)

NEWS: Nikki and Brie Bella appeared at the Chicago, IL edition of this year's annual Wizard World Comic Convention. The twins took most of the day to pose for photographs, sign autographs and chat with some of their most die-hard fans. When the Bella Twins sat down for their panel interview with Wrestling Audio podcast host Mo Lighting, they answered several fan questions openly and honestly.

One fan asked about whether there was actual heat between the Bellas and former WWE Superstar A.J. Lee. Nikki responded that although she respects A.J. Lee as a wrestler, she was very offended and hurt by A.J.'s remarks about them and the Total Divas show. A.J. called the Bellas out for being divas and not wrestlers. Nikki made note of the fact that she has been an athlete her entire life and never set out to be a model or a reality television show star. A.J. was angry about the Total Divas show; but, Nikki reiterated that the show was never the Bella's idea and it wasn't an easy instantaneous decision for them to make. She said she was hurt by A.J.'s comments.

When asked about whether or not the change from "Divas to Women's Wrestling" would hurt her brand, considering her close ties to the word Diva, Nikki responded that she is proud to be the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. She went on to name Divas she competed in the ring against including Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix and said that she has always been a woman and does not need a name change to validate that fact.

Nikki also let slip that when she does return she would be on the SmackDown brand, although she attempted to walk those comments back a bit later in the panel discussion, saying she "assumes" she will be on the SmackDown brand due to her brother-in law being on the show, as well as her boyfriend John Cena. Brie also said that, if the WWE developed a women's tag division, she would have to consider coming back to team with Nikki.

Both Bellas were incensed over Conor McGregor's recent anti-wrestling remarks. Brie was very hopeful that McGregor would lose tonight's bout against Nate Diaz. Nikki talked about how offensive his comments were against her boyfriend John Cena. Both Bellas were obviously not fans of the UFC fighter.

It should be noted that Brie told an amusing story about Nikki Bella once believing the Harry Potter books were actually non-fiction. Although the story garnered laughter from the Chicago crowd, Nikki wasn't amused as Brie told the story. Brie clarified that Nikki believed this when she was college aged, not a little kid. Nikki gave her a playful slap in jest, obviously embarrassed. It should be noted that this author still believes professional wrestling is entirely real, as well and although I am older than the Bellas Twins, I don't plan on breaking Kayfabe anytime soon.

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