NEWS: Jason Jordan Undergoes Successful Neck Injury; WWE Scrambles to Alter Plans

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NEWS: WWE Superstar Jason Jordan has undergone successful neck surgery. The following is an official statement from the WWE:

Raw Superstar Jason Jordan underwent successful surgery this morning to repair a neck injury, can confirm.

“He had an injury to a disc in his neck which resulted in significant pain that was refractory to all conservative measures,” WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon said. “It was decided to do a minimally invasive operation to decompress the nerve, to allow it to heal.”

The procedure Jordan underwent is called a minimally invasive posterior cervical microdiscectomy. It is not known just how long Jordan will be out of action.

Jordan's health struggles were documented in a recent Cheap Heat Wrestling article. His neck condition is considered to be as serious as it gets and is similar to the injury that ended Arn Anderson's career. Jordan could be out of action for as long as 12-15 months; but, much of that depends on how well his rehabilitation progresses and how quickly he heals. Before going into surgery, Jordan could not grip even light items. This is a huge blow for the WWE as Jordan was integral to both their WrestleMania and SummerSlam plans. WWE; however, has now altered those plans in a couple of ways: 1. Creative is very much planning a Kurt Angle vs Seth Rollins feud to culminate at WrestleMania 34 and 2. There are talks of moving Chad Gable to the RAW roster with the shocking revelation that he is actually indeed Kurt Angle's son or will at least act in that capacity for the time being.
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