NEWS: John Cena vs Velveteen Dream - Is The Dream Ready for an NXT Match with Cena?

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NEWS: On the latest edition of Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer podcast, Meltzer's co-host Bryan Alvarez speculated on a possible John Cena match in NXT. The two both agreed that if that match were to take place, Cena's most likely opponent would be none other than Velveteen Dream. Alvarez; however, had some concerns about Velveteen Dream,

"The thing with Velveteen ..I don't want to make people mad here; but, we get a lot of house show reports and Velveteen does not always get good reviews. Velveteen gets very good reviews when he's in there with someone who is very very good; but, when he's in there with someone who's not very good - and I'm not saying John Cena's not really good; but, John Cena's not Ricochet."

John Cena recently participated at a Megacon Q&A in Orlando, Florida. Cena, who has teased an NXT match, told the audience that Velveteen Dream, "could be the one."

Video of Cena's Q&A appears below:

Putting the in-ring match quality these two may provide aside, Velveteen Dream may arguably have the best developed character in NXT history. If the match would lack anything in-ring, the promos and hype leading up to the bout would likely more than make up for it, as would the story the two Superstars would be able to tell in the ring. Regardless of any concerns, if the bout were to take place the novelty alone would be extremely lucrative to John Cena, Velveteen Dream, NXT, and the WWE.

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