All In: A Fan's Guide to the Sold Out Star Studded Event

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All In is an independent wrestling event created by Cody Rhodes & the Young Bucks. Cody Rhodes was motivated to pursue All In after a Twitter exchange with doubting Wrestling Observer journalist Dave Meltzer. After Meltzer tweeted that Rhodes & the Young Bucks' Ring of Honor couldn't draw 10,000 people, Rhodes responded with the following:

All In went on sale yesterday and is already a resounding success having sold out in less than thirty minutes:

How important was that quick sell out & where does it stand in terms of its historicity in the world of professional wrestling? PW Insider's Mike Jones tweeted the following:

Some fans argued that scalpers ruined the event by purchasing tickets, making them more difficult to obtain; however, only a minimal amount of tickets ended up on sites like Stubhub. The truth is that so many fans were trying to buy tickets the All In site actually nearly crashed:

The sale was such a resounding success that even Dave Meltzer celebrated:

Meltzer even defended the event against fans who were angry about the participation of scalpers:

Fans who were unable to obtain tickets to the All In event shouldn't feel too bad. Starrcast is All In's fan convention and tickets for that event do not go on sale until May 15th. Fans will have the opportunity to meet wrestling legends like:

  • Bruce Prichard
  • Eric Bischoff
  • Cody Rhodes
  • Colt Cabana
  • Jerry "the King" Lawler
  • The Young Bucks
  • Dutch Mantell
  • Macauly Culkin of Home Alone fame
  • Kevin Nash
  • Tully Blanchard
  • Jeff Jarrett
  • Scott Hall
  • Teddy Long
  • Ron Simmons
  • JJ Dillon
  • Jay Lethal
  • Lex Luger
  • Haku
  • Billy Gunn
  • The Blue Meanie
  • James Ellsworth
  • Hurricane Helms
  • Christian
  • Diamond Dallas Page
  • Disco Inferno
  • Terry Funk
  • Shane Douglas
  • Mikey Whipwreck
Those interested in ticket information can visit Starrcast HERE.

Some fans may be put off by the long drawn out shows many have come to expect from independent wrestling shows; however, All In looks to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks told WrestleZone's Nick Hausman,

"Honestly, if it was just my opinion, and my opinion solely… it’s hard because it’s a team effort… I like three hours. I have a short attention span and I’m a father of two. I think I’m a millennial, I’m 33 now. I think three hours is realistic and I am going to try and keep it around that. I definitely do not want a five or six hour marathon show where the fans are worn out by the main event. It’s the same thing with our YouTube show. I like the shorter episodes that are just ten or fifteen minutes long. If it’s a special episode, like episode 100, we’ll go like 25 minutes. People ask me, “Well, why don’t you guys just do like an hour a week?” Well, because then you guys won’t like the show. That’s the point. You want to give them enough so they can’t wait for next week. I feel like the same goes for a pro wrestling show." h/t: WrestleZone

Those interested in hearing Hausman's exclusive interview with the Matt Jackson may do so below:

All of this with only one match being announced thus far:
  • NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs Cody Rhodes
One more thing: The biggest return in the history of professional wrestling may take place at the event. CM Punk is doing a signing at Pro Wrestling Tees, an event which is also being hyped by All In & Cody Rhodes, who shared the signing via Twitter. This has led to speculation that CM Punk may make an appearance at the event, to cut a promo or possibly much more.

With much more to come readers are encouraged to keep visiting Cheap Heat Wrestling, All In, & Starrcast.


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