NEWS: Daniel Bryan's Contract Status - Is He All In?

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NEWS: According to a backstage WWE source, Daniel Bryan has not yet signed a new contract with the company causing some in WWE's front office to be leery over how to proceed with Bryan in the weeks going forward. The WWE doesn't particularly want to push someone that may inevitably leave the company to be the crown jewel elsewhere. There has been some speculation about Daniel Bryan making an appearance at Cody Rhodes' upcoming All In Event. Bryan's current WWE deal expires on September 1st, the same day as All In. Bryan touched on that speculation on a recent episode of Talk is Jericho,
"The Bullet Club is so hot right? They need someone to go against. Someone to draw money and interest and bring independent wrestling to another level."  
Chris Jericho asked Bryan if he talked with Cody Rhodes about All In,
"Cody had kinda texted me. When they announced the date of the show I don't think it would have been possible. The date of the show is the date my contract expires."
Jericho then asked if Bryan could legally do it,
"I don't know. I'd have to get a lawyer."

With Bryan's contract set to expire on the same day of All In, it is extremely unlikely that he will wrestle at the event; however, if he goes unsigned by the WWE, he very well could make an appearance that would undoubtedly turn the wrestling world upside down and could quite possibly set up All In 2.

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