NEWS: Enzo Amore Releases Rap Video - Lashes Out At Accuser, 'I'm Still Grippin' My Consensual Penis'

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NEWS: Former WWE Superstar, Enzo Amore, has released a rap video that serves largely as a 'diss track' of Philomena Sheahan, the woman who accused him of rape earlier this year. The video is called Phoenix, an apparent double entendre, as Phoenix is a mythical bird that rises from its own ashes and the city Amore was accused in.

Amore rapped the following gems:

  • “They cry tears of joy at my funeral. Still I rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Middle finger to the sky grippin’ my …. consensual penis. Lyin’ ass hoe out in Phoenix. When I say that shit I mean it. F*ck you marks for hatin’. This for all my fans waitin’. Entertainment’s hottest free agent. Bitch I’m reincarnated.”

  • “The only thing that I put in that puddin was proof.”

  • “Naw I ain’t Bill Cosby, bitch.”

  • “Bitch them wages gettin’ garnished for my image that you tarnished.” h/t: Pro Wrestling Sheet

  • Amore was released by the WWE shortly after rape allegations surfaced.

    Readers interested in watching Amore's new video may do so below.

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