NEWS: "Donald Trump Made Me Do It!" - Sid Vicious Blames President Trump for No-Show

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NEWS: Sid "Vicious" Eudy was scheduled to wrestle at tonight's AIW (Absolute Intense Wrestling) event entitled Rulers of the World; but, Sid no-showed the event. This in itself wouldn't be extraordinary for the former WCW and WWE Superstar, who very much earned the moniker "Sycho" during his career (see Anderson, Arn---also see stabbing). The excuse Eudy gave for missing the show was head scratchingly bizarre. Eudy told AIW that Donald Trump's travel ban prevented him from making his flight. The only problem with that excuse is that it's complete and utter non-sense. Sid Vicious was heading to Cleveland, OH from the far off country some have chosen to call Arkansas. If you weren't a geography wizard in grade school, both Ohio and Arkansas are American states and remain entirely unaffected by WWE Hall of Famer Donald J. Trump's travel ban. The following statement comes directly from AIW,
"We have some bad news to report. Our greatest fears have come true, Sid did not board his flight this morning. After several phone calls, he finally answered when we used Swoggle’s phone to call, Sid claimed Donald Trump’s travel ban prevented him from boarding his flight to Cleveland this morning because of an unpaid speeding ticket and he claimed this is new government policy since he didn’t have his passport even though he was traveling within the United States and is a United States Citizen. We recorded his cancelation call just so there is proof of all this and we we will do our best to play the audio tonight or on a future episode of our podcast. We apologize to all of the fans who were excited to meet Sid tonight and unfortunately this is something 100% out of our control. We invested quite a bit of money in this appearance and we have now lost out on close to $1,000 we will never get back on airline tickets, hotels, and merchandise we had made for Sid."
Sid has a history of using the same passport excuse to miss scheduled shows. In 2010, he missed a DreamWave wrestling show in LaSalle, IL and also used the same insane excuse, claiming he couldn't make his flight from Memphis, TN to Chicago, IL because he did not have a passport. It is noteworthy that in 2010 Barack Obama was President of the United States.

Former WWE Superstar, Dylan Postl f.k.a Hornswoggle, will be at tonight's AIW show and posted the following humorous tweet in response to Sid's no-show.

UPDATE: Audio of Sid's actual cancellation phone call to AIW appears in the video below


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