NEWS: Alundra Blayze No Fan of Lita's Royal Rumble Protest

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NEWS: WWE Hall of Famer Madusa (Alundra Blayze) has never been one to mince words. Now that she has a podcast of her own, Madusa's back to causing waves of controversy. The former WWE Women's Champion is arguably best known for throwing her WCW Women's Championship in the trash on WCW's Monday Night Nitro, making history and igniting the flame that began the Monday Night Wars. Madusa is now torching fellow Hall of Famer Lita (Amy Dumas). Dumas was a participant at last Sunday's first ever Women's Royal Rumble and made her entrance wearing a #TimesUp message on her shirt, which apparently offended Madusa. The #TimesUp movement is a movement against sexual harrasment begun in response to Harvey Weinstein's countless sexual assaults. Madusa took to her podcast, Madusa's Full Throttle to state the following,

"Ive been getting a lot of questions about how I felt about Lita wearing the hashtag on her clothes. I don’t know if you all are familiar with this woman’s movement “me too” and all the other crap—and when I say crap it doesn’t mean I don’t support some issues in situations. Here’s my feeling on that….I support everyone that wants to support these hashtags; but, not on someone else’s platform. People were upset about the hashtags and I agree. It wasn’t her time to do that. It was her time to get a silent message out there on Vince’s TV and Royal Rumble? I don’t know. She was wearing this shirt all day and when she took it off it said #TimesUp. People speculated she was being sneaky; but, I don’t know. Ask her. It’s something we need to talk about and hitting every industry but we need to talk about it because our poor men are afraid to even ask a woman out or tell her she’s beautiful or open a door.” 

Madusa then recounts a story that she personally witnessed regarding an unidentified male opening a door for a female only to be reprimanded by the woman for his gesture. Madusa replied,

"I wanted to drop kick the bitch." 

Madusa then went on to state that,

"Maybe there's something happening in wrestling, I don't know." 

Perhaps Lita is on to something. Just perhaps there is something happening in wrestling. Enzo Amore was recently fired by the WWE after being accused of rape. Ashley Massaro alleged that she was sexually assaulted at a WWE show in 2006. When she reported the event to WWE officials, they allegedly ordered Massaro to remain silent and report nothing to authorities. Rena "Sable" Mero sued the WWE in 1999 for $100 million USD. She claimed that she was humiliated, groped, and grabbed by a long-time WWE employee. The WWE settled that suit out of court. Even WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, whose air time is so valuable, was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a tanning salon in 2006 before investigators inexplicably ceased their investigation. Yes Madusa, perhaps there is something happening in wrestling and perhaps, just perhaps, Dumas shouldn't be criticized for speaking out and instead should be commended for her courage. Fans wishing to hear the full length version Madusa's latest podcast can do so HERE.


  1. I agree with Madusa. This whole #MeToo movement is nothing but a piece of crap. American women has no idea how good they have things over there.


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