NEWS: Big Show - Real Life Hero

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NEWS: As reported right here on Cheap Heat Wrestling, Big Show is enduring some significant health challenges. These health problems have kept Big Show out of a wrestling ring since losing a brutal September 4th cage match to Braun Strowman on RAW. With his health struggles and the plethora of difficulties that often accompany his size, Big Show has legitimate excuses to not lend a helping hand; however, those didn't stop him from helping a stranded motorist. Jared Plew took to Twitter to detail his encounter with the Big Show:

Big Show also took the time to reply to Plew's tweet:

Big Show didn't have to help. There was nothing in it for him, no money or additional fame or notoriety. He unabashedly rolled up his sleeves and went to work for a complete stranger. Hopefully Big Show's act of kindness will remind us all to put away excuses, to practice love in action, and to always pay it forward.


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