RESULTS: WWE SmackDown LIVE Results - Fastlane Build Intensifies!!!

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WWE SmackDown LIVE
Phoenix, AZ

- A.J. Styles makes his way to the ring for an interview with Renee Young. The two discuss the upcoming Fatal 5-Way Match at Fastlane. As Styles talks about the unpredictability of such a match, he goes up and down his opponents and claims to be able to beat each one in a traditional one on one match. He is then interrupted by Baron Corbin and in turn, Kevin Owens. Neither man is having it and both hype what they believe will be their inevitable victory at Fastlane. As Kevin Owens laments all that Corbin has been handed by Shane McMahon & what he believes are McMahon's biases against him, he is interrupted by McMahon who makes two matches for tonight's SmackDown: A.J. Styles vs Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens.

- Kevin Owens defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall *Distraction from Sami Zayn

- Jinder Mahal makes his way to the ring for a promo and reveals "Bobby Roode's" Top 10 Superstars List. According to Mahal, Roode voted for himself as number one. Mahal also reveals that Randy Orton also did not make the list. Mahal states that Roode fancies himself as the new Legend Killer. Bobby Roode then makes his way down the ramp and denies the list was his own. He accuses Jinder of manipulating the situation between he and Orton to better his own chances at becoming the United States Champion. Mahal continues to press Roode about Randy Orton; but, Roode tells Mahal to forget about Randy Orton and challenges Mahal to a fight. Then Orton's music hits. Orton attacks Mahal and Roode, in turn, clotheslines Mahal out of the ring. When Roode turns around Orton is assessing Roode for an RKO; but, Roode is ready and counters. However, Roode turns his back on Mahal who attacks the United States Champion and becomes the last of the three men standing.

- Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon argue about the United States Championship Match at Fastlane. McMahon has final say and sanctions Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton at the event.

- The Riott Squad defeat Charlotte Flair, Naomi, and Becky Lynch after Ruby Riott pins Becky Lynch

- Kevin Owens goes backstage to thank Sami Zayn; but, Zayn replies, "You don't have to thank me. I am here to thank you. I oweko you. Since joining you I am where I belong. I am headlining main events...all because of you. I'm going to be your guardian angel. I've got your back. I'm going to do what's right and what's right is paying back my friend for all he has done for me." Zayn then urges Owens to join forces with him at Elimination Chamber and promises that when they are the last two men standing at Elimination Chamber, he will lay down for him so that Owens can go to WrestleMania and wrestle in the main event.

- The New Day defeat Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable via pinfall to become the new #1 contender's to the Usos SmackDown Tag Team Championship

- The Bludgeon Brothers defeat a team of jobbers

- A.J. Styles defeats Baron Corbin via pinfall. Postmatch: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens team up on an attack of the victorious Styles. Corbin then attacks both Zayn and Owens, before they could put Styles through a table.

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