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RESULTS: WWE SmackDown Live Results - Superstar ShakeUp!!!

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WWE SmackDown Live
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

- Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring for a special hometown edition of the Kevin Owens Show. He speaks in French and the Quebecers roar in approval. Owens informs the audience that Vince McMahon will reveal, "the biggest acquisition in the history of SmackDown Live." Owens claims that the biggest Superstar in the history of SmackDown Live is already here because, "That's me." Owens then proceeds to introduce WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Owens congratulates Kingston on his WWE Championship victory. Kingston appreciates the gesture and addresses the crowd in French. The audience approves with a, "Oui," chant. Owens notices that Big E is not with the group and Xavier Woods confirms that Big E was injured and further laments that much of the UpUpDownDown roster has been drafted to RAW. Owens also confirm…

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