NEWS: New Paige Tattoo Causing Controversy

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NEWS: WWE Superstar, Paige, has proven to be compulsive and unpredictable oftentimes doing things out of the mainstream that draw the ire of the now publicly traded WWE. She, wild and unbridled, is as far from corporate as one can get and has shown no concern for the carefully crafted image WWE Creative has made for her. Times haven't changed much. Paige has a brand new tattoo. A tattoo is nothing new for the former two-time WWE Divas Champion. She has a plethora of them; however, this new one is causing some controversy within WWE's front office. The WWE, always beholden to their corporate sponsors, is committed to running PG programming; however, Paige's new ink is very much PG-13 and on the sides of her hands, an area not easily covered up without making a major cosmetic change to her character's wardrobe. The 25 year old took to Instagram to proudly display her new body art which states, "Talk sh*t, get bit." The WWE is not happy as each of the Superstars have a carefully crafted image and character to protect. They once punished Rusev for getting his hair cut without permission and the Company already feels they've been more than gracious with Paige, considering her past public failings. Whether Paige will be disciplined for the permanence of PG-13 words written on the outside of her hands, remains to be seen; but, one thing is absolutely certain, we haven't heard the last of this.


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