NEWS: Ric Flair in Twitter War of Words with MLB Writer

NEWS: Houston Astros right fielder, Josh Reddick, is a huge wrestling fan. Astros fans, full well knowing this fact about their beloved right fielder, serenade Reddick with Ric Flair's famous "Wooo" chant whenever Reddick comes to the batter's box. Stefan Stevenson, writer for the Fort Worth Telegram, took exception to the chant and vented his frustrations on Twitter:

That's when the 16-time World Champion weighed in:

Then things became heated. Stevenson went there and by there we mean THERE.

After killing kayfabe and using the infamous "fake" word, Flair appropriately responded to Stevenson once again with:
Even Josh Reddick got in on all the fun:
So did "Wooston" Texans perennial Pro Bowl linebacker J.J. Watt:
Of course, we hope Vince McMahon is paying attention and books a WrestleMania match between Stevenson and Reddick, with Watt in Reddick's corner and Ric Flair as Reddick's Hall of Fame manager. We're only half kidding.

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