NEWS: Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) Sex Tape Leaks Online

NEWS: Former WWE Superstar, Victoria (Lisa Maria Varon), is latest victim in the online hacking scandal that has effected WWE Superstars; Paige, Charlotte, and Xavier Woods. There is a three minute video making the rounds on social media that apparently shows Victoria engaging in intercourse with an unidentified male. There are also multiple nude photos of Victoria showering and additional photos of an unidentified male performing a sex act on her. For legal and ethical reasons Cheap Heat Wrestling will not be publishing any of these photos or videos. These photos and videos are private in nature. They were first hacked, then stolen, and then illegally disseminated on the Internet. If wrestling fans come across any of these, they are urged to contact their local police department, as spreading these images (and video) may constitute as participation in a criminal act.

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